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What are the different writing tools available for users?

Users can use the manuscript and protocol tools for the preparation of different types of academic papers. It is an online platform loaded with various tools to support reesarchers to write their manuscripts and protocols efficiently. You can choose a target journal, easily collaborate with co-authors, check the accuracy of your language, and prepare for submission with convenient tools such as the Cover Letter Wizard.

Do I have to pay for these tools?

Currently, these tools are available freely to end users.

Is my data secure? Do I have the rights to the paper written on this platform?

Yes. Any project you create or any data you upload to My Protocols or My Manuscript is your private data. Edanz will not use your data in any way without your explicit permission. Edanz takes data confidentiality very seriously and we follow a professional code of ethics to ensure the security of your valuable data. Our hardware and software are protected by the latest security and encryption tools.

Where can I find help?

If you can't find a solution in our FAQ section, please send your question / issue to us through the green 'Feedback' tab on the right side of your screen. We will normally reply to you within 24 hours.

How can I close my Edanz account?

If you would like to close your Edanz account, please contact us using the Contact Form or Feedback form. We will close your account upon your request and let you know.

Do these tools format my manuscript to meet the target journal's requirements?

Not yet. This feature will be added in the future versions.

How do I format the article according to the journal's requirements

When you have finished writing your manuscript you should have a native-English expert editor review your manuscript content. The editor will check and edit to the target journal's guidelines. Visit https://www.edanz.com for more information.

Will these tools check spelling and grammar?


Can I create tables?

Yes, a table creation function is availble in the toolbar.

Do you support illustrations?

Currently you can import image files to your project. A live illustration feature will be included in future versions.

Can I add equations?

Yes, equations can be added through the toolbar.

Do I have to write a Cover Letter?

It's not required, but most journal editors will conduct a preliminary screening and the cover letter can help you pass this stage. A cover letter can be easily created within the platform by using the Cover Letter Wizard. Cover Letter Wizard is available in the cover letter section in your project.

What is a "Project"?

You can think of a Project as a draft for a manuscript. You will be required to create a project to start working on a manuscript. A complete list of your manuscripts and their statuses is on your My Papers page. You can also upload a draft that you are currently working on while creating a project.

How many projects can I create?

You can create as many projects as you want.

Can I delete my projects?

You can delete your projects by clicking the delete button in the summary of the project listed in My Papers dashboard. However, please note that you cannot delete peojects that are already been submitted to journals.

Can I submit my manuscript or protocol through this platform?

Currently, we do not support submission to journals.

How can I invite collaborators to my projects?

You can invite collaborators/reviewers on the My Projects page. Click Add Collaborator/Reviewer and complete the steps in the popup window to add a co-author or reviewer to your project.

How many authors can collaborate on a project?

There is currently no limit on the number of collaborators that can be added.

How do I save my project?

My Manuscript/My Protocol auto-saves your project every 2 seconds so there is no need to worry about backups. You can also save a version manually by clicking the save button. You can also revert to a previous version of your project if you wish.

Can I export my project from My Manuscript/My Protocol?

Yes, projects can be exported in Word or PDF formats.

I've finished writing. What's the next step?

We advise you to write a cover letter. You can write your cover letter directly in your project in the Cover Letter section, or you can use the Cover Letter Wizard, which is available in that section.

To ensure your manuscript and cover letter are ready for submission, you should have a native-English expert edtior review your manuscript. If you would like to get expert help, visit https://www.edanz.com for more information.

What are "Resources"?

References, figures and tables, and other media files that are associated with your manuscript can be managed as "Resources". You can upload such flies to My Resources page and use them while writing your manuscript.

Can I search for references?

Yes, you can search for external article references in databases such as PubMed, etc. You can save these external articles in your Reference library for future reference.

What is Journal Selector?

Journal Selector is a tool developed by Edanz to support researchers with finding target journals for their manuscripts. It is the most comprehensive journal finding tool on the internet, allowing you to search more than 28,000 journals and 12 million abstracts to find the journal that is most likely to accept your manuscript.

Can I import references from reference management software such as EndNote or Mendeley?

Yes, you can import references from other reference management applications in your My Resources page.

How do I format the reference list and in-text references?

You can choose a reference format in your project and it will allow you to format both in-text references and reference list automatically.

What is the maximum file size for uploads?

The maximum file size is for uploads is 10MB. If your file is more than 10MB, please try compressing it.

How long will my data be saved?

Your data will be saved as long as your account is active.

How can I search for and save articles?

You can search for and save articles by following the steps below:

  • Open the Journal Selector.
  • Enter your abstract or article description in the "Search by Manuscript" box, click the search button, and you will get a list of relevant journals.
  • Select a journal from the results list and you will see relevant articles from the journal under the journal details.
  • Click the save button to the right of the article name.
  • The article will be saved on the "My Resources" page, under the "My Articles" section.

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